Saving Circles


Fast paced action is waiting for you! Simple to learn but forever challenging. Touch one of 4 directions to shoot the oncoming squares, but be careful not to shoot the Circles you are trying to save! If you are good enough you may see your name at the top of the leaderboards!

What is missing?

The advertisements. 
Saving Circles is unique in that the free version has no ads at all! There are two versions of the application, one version will put your name in gold and give you credit for your sponsorship. The free version just gives you plain ol' system text.

But you could be making money?

I would rather have users experience my game in an ideal environment without some block of ad image bothering them. I would rather users pay because the want to, not because they do not want ads.


Saving Circles was an experiment to try and convert a html5 game from a functional web version to an Android app without sacrificing any features. The concept was inspired by a portion of the classic atari 2600 game Cosmic Ark.


  • Simple fast addictive gameplay
  • Global leaderboards and highscores
  • A best player teaser for the top player. Inspired from the brick and mortar arcades days
  • No ads, revenue was not a goal in saving circles, a .99 cent sponsor version does exist with special leaderboard credit
  • Amazing Music by Binärpilot


Download media packaged as a zip


Play Store Links

free, no ads:

sponsor $ .99


Twitter: @stalkjimmy

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